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  5 Steps to Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim

 Do you know what an insurance claim is? An insurance claim is when you ask your insurance company to pay you or compensate you for the damages that you got when your car was involved in a road accident. It can also mean to ask your insurance company to represent you when you are the one who is liable for damages caused. A swiftcover telephone number can help you so much when you have been involved in an accident and therefore it is very important for you to ensure that you have it. The five steps to filing your car insurance claim include:

Step one. Contacting the police

Reporting to the police is one of the very important steps that you should not forget because the police assist you to take the details of the accident and make a police report that you will use in a court of law. The reason why informing the police is important is simply because you may be confused at the time of the accident and so the police will assist you in assessing the situation and write a police report. The police might also safe you if the other party turns against you.

Step two. Collection of information about the accident

Without having information and evidence of the accident then there might be no case and therefore it is very important to ensure relevant information is collected from the scene of the accident. You cannot be able to file your auto insurance claim without having information of your car accident ready. Documenting the details of the accident is very important and will help you so much because you will present them to your insurance company. Click here !

Step three. Call your insurance company immediately or right away

You need to take an immediate action and inform your insurance company of what happened so that they can assist you. You need to call them from the scene where the accident occurred and you should do this while waiting for the police to arrive. You need to ensure that you are safe before you decide to call them. This is a very important stage because they will tell you what to do next or they might even decide to visit the scene of the accident.

Step four. Assigning you a claim specialist to assist you to settle the claim

A claim specialist is given to you once you have reported the matter to your insurance company. What your insurance company will do is to assign you a claim professional or an adjuster whose role is to ensure that your car insurance claim has been dealt with or solved.

Step five. Fixing of the car and payment of the claim

What is done in this fifth and final stage is to ensure that a proper estimate is found of the cost of repair of that car.  They will also assess whether you have a deductible to pay. That estimate is what will tell more about the amount of compensation that you will be able to get. To get a proper estimate you have to agree with your adjuster. Visit this site for more information : 

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