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Does your insurer offer a courtesy car after a bump?

What’s worse than finding yourself scrambling to find the Swiftcover telephone number because someone busy on a cell phone has pranged your car? It’s finding out you aren’t going to have that car for weeks and weeks while thy haggle over it.

Isn’t my cover comprehensive?

Sure, you may have taken out the ‘comprehensive’ policy, but did you remember to check that the fine print included a courtesy car? A courtesy car is, of course, a car which they give you on loan while your car is involved in an insurance claim. In many policies, even comprehensive ones, it is an added extra you have to request inclusion of. This is, of course, yet another indicator of just how varied the experiences people have between insurance companies claiming to offer similar cover can be.

What other snags can there be?

Still reaching for the Swiftcover phone number? Pause a moment. Remember that some insurers will even haggle over the courtesy car and their responsibilities even if your policy includes one. Some will only provide a car ‘if’ the garage has one in. In other words, you may not be guaranteed a car. If it’s very important to you that the car you receive be comparable to yours- in other words, you can’t drive the soccer team in a Prius or head to your off road work site in a city car- you also need to make sure that that is covered in the policy wording. Otherwise, if it doesn’t matter, you can pay a lesser premium for a small runabout while you wait. Remember that it’s important to check that you are not overpaying for services you don’t want as well as checking that those you do exist.

What’s the industry standard, then?

The answer is, as is so much for insurance, that it depends. Accidents with no other victim but yourself and claims made when you are at fault in an accident will depend on your exact policy wording. In no-fault crashes, however, in America, the courtesy car can be claimed from the offender’s policy as long as it is a replacement value or smaller car. You can use the Swiftcover telephone number to get further information on this matter.

What is the Swiftcover phone number and do they provide a car?

While you can get the Swiftcover telephone number from google, it can be harder to work out policy wording. However, Swiftcover does offer up to 28 days courtesy car on the comprehensive cover policies. They also offer the alternative for travelling costs if the car cannot be provided for any reason.

What’s the motto of the story?

It is critical, when taking insurance cover, to be sure that you fully understand exactly what is and isn’t covered under your policy before you sign on the dotted line. It’s not too late to check up on what you already have available under your current policy terms, either. Or reach for the Swiftcover telephone number and get a new quote today.

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